Foreign Exchange

Globally cross-border payments are predicted to grow to $250 trillion by 2027, driving demand for foreign exchange and settlement services for businesses, banks, and consumers.

Navigate the global markets effortlessly with our advanced foreign exchange platform

Our FX services

  • FX rates available 24x7
  • Payment services in 130 currencies (SWIFT, Wires, ACH)
  • Payment Tracker: track status via our online platform
  • Real time validation of beneficiary banking information
  • Full service offering available via API
forex app
forex app

How it works

  • Establish an account by clearing the required KYC and AML documentation for businesses.
  • Book your FX deal in less than five minutes, either online or with a personal FX specialist.
  • Flexibly transact with us via email, online, phone, chat or fax.
  • Fast, efficient transfers via the SWIFT payment network, with end-to-end tracking, ensure your funds get to where they need to be, when they need to be.