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Javolin Payments Platform

Javolin provides B2B payment services for domestic and international transactions for certain businesses.


Businesses must be registered in either the United States or Canada.

Payments must be related to verified business operations or transactions and will be settled at the foreign exchange rate at the time of transaction.

Businesses must be onboarded with specific KYC and AML information.

Payments can be sent to over 200 countries.

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Javolin Commodities Platform

The Javolin Marketplace allows farmers and traders of agri-commodities to identify their products on hand to be sold to domestic and international buyers. It facilitates the procurement of these products by buyers via our payment’s portal and logistics services.


We are currently working with farmers and traders in Ghana, Nigeria and Senegal.

We are currently focused on cashews, cassava, and coffee.

Farmers, traders, and buyers must be registered participants on the JAVOLIN system.

Upgrade your business with innovative
financial solutions from Javolin

We offer businesses a digital platform for cross border remittances, revenue collection and other financial products such as visa cards.

Digital products across borders

In the United States and certain select countries of Africa, we are working with businesses to improve their access to financial services across borders and make global payments


Digital Payment & Remittances

Javolin allows businesses to make digital payments to suppliers and employees across borders from our platforms. Businesses can track the inflow and outflow of money from their wallet using a simplified dashboard with supportive analytic components.


Multi Currency Accounts

Receive and hold foreign funds in multiple currency accounts


Foreign exchange services

Purchase and send over 130 currencies all around the world through our integrated forex partnerships

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