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The On-Ramp to Financial Products and Services.

Javolin is a financial services technology company providing digital services and products through our mobile applications focused on the continent of Africa and other emerging areas for Consumers, Businesses, Government Entities and Banks.


Connecting consumers, businesses, government entities and banks on the continent of Africa with their customers across the globe

Integrated solutions powered by ONE WALLET

Software solutions empower financial freedom and economic participation by the banked and unbanked sectors.

Digital Infrastructure & Products

We provide an integrated digital infrastructure for customers that include web and mobile-based applications, a secure Cloud-based platform for storing data, and distinct proprietary APIs. Our traditional and non-traditional products and services are easily accessible.

Digital Payments & Remittances

We facilitate cross-border remittance and foreign exchange settlement services. We also provide payment and collections services for businesses and government entities in areas historically collected with cash. We reduce losses from cash leakage and increase margins on cash collected.

Javolin Loans

Coming Soon

We facilitate loans via our banking partners in fiat and cryptocurrencies to businesses and small financial institutions. We particularly focus on loans to traders in the import and export markets flowing to and from the continent. Our clients can make payments to each other by transferring fiat or crypto from one Jav wallet to the other.

Cryptocurrency products

Coming Soon

Our crypto platform facilitates crypto wallets for our consumer and business clients enabling the purchase, sale, and transfer of the most popular cryptocurrencies on the market. Customers are also be able to stake their digital assets for highly attractive yields.

*Available in select markets only

Diaspora Digital Bank

We connect customers from around the globe with banking products on the continent of Africa. Whether it’s applying for a mortgage to buy a home or a loan to assist a loved one, our API connections facilitate direct access to the underwriters at the bank. Post-closing the Javolin App is used to service the loan by submitting payments directly to the bank.


Advanced technology across integrated platforms

Insightful Analytics

Today's businesses rely heavily on data to make the next innovative move. Data can help us to understand trends and make predictions for the future. Hence, the Javolin platform uses a data-centric approach where every process has been designed to extract quality data for analytics purposes.

Cloud-based platform

Javolin provides a Business to Business to Consumer (B2B2C) solution that is easily accessible. With access to the internet, all our customers can enjoy the benefit of our products and services. We provide a multi-platform service. Our customers can access the app from anywhere on their mobile phones, personal computers, iPads, and tablets. All data is stored safely using Secured Cloud Services.

Proprietory APIs

Javolin provides application programming interfaces (API) that are secure to our customers who want to build on top of our system. Developers who want to leverage the Javolin technology can get proprietary access to our APIs.

Our Javolin VISA Card

The Javolin One Pre-Paid Visa card is a virtual and physical card. It leverages the financial and technology capabilities of both the Javolin and Visa brands, creating a financial product that’s useful for both businesses and consumers. The Jav Business Card is issued exclusively to those businesses on the continent of Africa or international companies doing business with importers and exporters on the Continent. The Jav Consumer Card can be used to save, remit or purchase products across the globe.


We are more than a digital banking platform, we help make dreams come true via our community impact program. The JAV foundation focuses on impacting Academics, Athletics and Healthcare in the communities we serve.


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Javolin set to launch in April, 2022

Javolin Announces our launch in April, 2022 –Thanks to those who have supported us over the past several months in creating a dynamic company. From our offices in Atlanta Georgia and Accra Ghana, we look forward to serving our world-wide customers. A major thanks to our key strategic partners –Ecobank, ETransactions, Integral and Zenith Bank.

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