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JAVOLIN is a financial services technology company.

Message From Our Chairman

Carl L. Powell

The team and I started Javolin from our offices in Atlanta GA with the goal of increasing efficiencies in the way businesses, banks, and government institutions engage in and transact financial services domestically and across borders. Over the past 25 years of traveling, and conducting business internationally, I noted big impediments facing this client group on the Continent of Africa. So, we embarked upon making a difference… and in a very short period of time, we have. During our journey, we’ve noticed that the challenges we are addressing are just as germane for clients in emerging areas of the United States, such as municipal cash collections, to financial service companies needing to connect in neighboring countries in Africa. Today we have great partners and great clients. We believe we are making an impact one transaction at a time.

We welcome you to join our journey!!


Our Company

Who is Javolin?

Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, Javolin was created to address the opportunities in the financial services market on the continent of Africa regarding inter-connectivity of countries on the Continent and to other western Markets such as the United States. Our Wallet based system allows a user-friendly interactive process that’s accessible on our platform via any Apple or Android mobile phone and via our web portal. Our product offerings and services facilitate financial access and efficiency for consumers, businesses, and municipalities on the continent of Africa and the US.

Our Mission

Our mission is to increase efficiencies in the financial services sector by connecting with many of the leading financial institutions via our proprietary APIs, and to decrease fees and cost for all integrated parties.

Our Customers

Our customers are major financial institutions, businesses, and municipalities in the US, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, and Senegal.